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Backlit Fabric Displays—Keys To Putting One Together For A Trade Show

Trade shows are your opportunity to market products and reach new customers in an interactive way. To be successful though, your booth needs to be designed perfectly. Part of this includes the type of displays you put up. If you want to customize a backlit fabric display in particular, here are some suggestions that can lead to amazing visuals. 

Make Sure Aesthetics Fall in Line With Company's Vision

Backlit fabric displays are pretty dynamic, but in order for them to really work at helping you garner attention at a trade show, you need to make sure the aesthetics line up with your company's vision.

Then you'll have more success showing what your company stands for and sells to a target audience. For instance, if you sell baseball clothes to children, you want the visuals of your displays to line up with this theme. Then you can promote the right messages to those that end up visiting your booth in person. 

Consult With a Graphic Designer

Once you have ideas for what type of graphics to put on your backlit fabric displays, you want to get together with a graphic designer. They're professionals at taking ideas and giving them life, so they can help you customize a professional display in no time. 

You can tell them details about your company, such as the products you sell and who you're target customer is. They can then create sample drawings that you analyze further. Then you can pick out the best options to put on your backlit fabric display, making it look dynamic and appealing.

Be Careful With Fabric Selection

One of the most important physical properties of backlit fabric displays is the fabric. You have several options, but you need to figure out which choice is best. Then you can trust this display will hold up for many trade shows and also have optimal illumination that makes the graphics stand out. Polyester is one of the better options because it's durable and lightweight. If you're not sure, you can always sample different fabrics until you find one that gives you the best properties.

If you want to make a statement at a trade show, you might want to develop custom backlit fabric displays. Just think about your company and optimal attributes that highlight it in an appealing manner. Then you can easily get people to your booth and excite them about what you have to offer. 

Contact a local service to learn more about backlit fabric displays.