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Three Effective Tips To Optimize Your Commercial LED Signs

Advertising is crucial for any business that wants to retain its customers and attract new ones in the contemporary market. One of the most effective advertising methods is using signage. LED signs are the best type of signs for advertising because they draw people's attention. Moreover, LED signs provide flexibility since you can create various designs using videos, images, and texts. However, you must be careful when creating commercial LED signs because you can crowd the sign and obscure your message. Here are some tips to guide you when creating commercial LED signs for your business:

Know Your Audience

Before you create business signage, you must first identify the demographic you intend to receive the message. If the target audience is pedestrians, you should place the commercial LED sign in a location with high foot traffic. However, if the target audience is drivers, you should put the sign along a busy road or highway. You will have to consider factors like the speed limit and traffic stops. Such factors will help you determine how long your audience will have to read the sign. Moreover, it would be best if you had someone in your team conduct a test run to ascertain whether the sign is in the right location since there could be obstacles that hinder visibility.

Stick to Your Message

Business signage aims to either increase the number of people visiting your business or inform your existing customers of new products and offers. Thus, as a business, you must identify the main message you want to relay to your customers before putting up a commercial LED sign. The message should be short and precise because your audience may have limited time to read it. The sign may put off potential clients if it contains unnecessary information. Lastly, ensure the message flashes or passes across the LED long enough for people to read and contextualize its message.

Create a Captivating Design

The best way to attract people to your business using signage is to have a captivating design. When people see an eye-catching commercial LED sign, they tend to pay more attention to the message and share its location and message with others. Thus, before putting up the sign, give your graphics designer a description of your ideal sign to help them create something appealing. Encourage the designer to take full advantage of the LED sign features like the ability to incorporate animations, texts, transition effects, and 3D graphics. Lastly, the designer should choose an appropriate font size to help increase the message's readability. 

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