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3 Tips For Caring For An Outdoor Metal Sculpture

If you want to enhance the exterior of your home or business, a large outdoor metal sculpture is a superb addition to your outside space. Not only does such a sizeable piece function as charming outside decor, but it also serves as a conversation piece for your guests. Here are a few tips to follow to properly care for an outdoor metal sculpture. 

1. Discuss Appropriate Care Techniques with the Artist or Manufacturer 

Before you do anything to your metal sculpture, discuss appropriate care tips with the artist or manufacturer. Their recommendations take precedent over any other maintenance tips. They know what techniques are best for the metal used for the sculpture and for its intended look. 

Perhaps the artist envisioned a sculpture that, over time, would take on a worn patina through oxidation. To achieve this intended patina, the artist may suggest that you don't paint or apply a protective coating to the sculpture.

Or maybe the manufacturer intended for the sculpture to remain a specific color or tone. Depending on the climate in your area, you might need to repaint the sculpture every few years to ensure the shade remains true to the original coloration. 

2. Secure the Metal Sculpture in Place

You need to secure the metal sculpture in place for numerous reasons. If a severe storm or high winds come through your area, you risk this extreme weather blowing your sculpture away and damaging it. Unsecured sculptures are also more vulnerable to theft. Should a visitor accidentally bump into your sculpture, securing it to the ground prevents it from injuring the visitor.

To secure the metal sculpture, you can attach brackets to the base and then anchor the base to cement, wood, or into the ground using the brackets. Cement is one of the sturdiest options for anchoring an extremely large or heavy sculpture. 

3. Apply a Layer of Protective Coating to the Sculpture

Unless you're told otherwise, consider applying a layer of protective coating to the sculpture. This will preserve the sculpture's natural hue and prevent moisture from causing the statue to rust.

Start by using a brush to gently scrub away any rust that's accumulated on the sculpture. Then, wipe down the sculpture using a lint-free cloth. If there's any remaining dirt or mud, use a damp cloth to wipe it away.

Once you're satisfied the sculpture is clean, you can apply a light layer of polyurethane protectant. Both spray and brush-on protectants are available. If desired, you can apply a second layer of protectant for additional protection.