Give Me A Sign

People Who Can Benefit From Getting Custom Lawn Signs

When you think about lawn signs, there's a good chance that you might think about a real estate agent or a politician who is running for office. These two professionals rely on lawn signs to help them get the job done, but they're not the only people who can use this type of sign to their advantage. There are many other individuals who can benefit from lawn signs — whether it's just one on their own lawn and perhaps another on a friend or neighbor's lawn, or a large supply of signs that they can erect in different locations when the situation suits.

Here are some people who may want to look into ordering advertising materials from a sign printing company.

Property Managers

Property managers of residential buildings have many responsibilities, but few of these tasks are as important as keeping their buildings at 100 percent occupancy. When there's a vacant unit in the building, it makes sense for the property manager to get it rented as quickly as possible. One way that he or she can accomplish this goal is with a lawn sign. A sign that identifies the vacancy, provides details on the unit — for example, two-bedroom, one bathroom — and includes a phone number to call can lead to success.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood associations can use lawn signs in a few different ways. If you run an association that has monthly meetings and you want to improve attendance at these meetings, posting a sign or two around the neighborhood in the days before a gathering can remind residents to take part. Lawn signs can also help to remind residents of rules that are easy to forget — for example, no parking on the street during heavy snowfalls. In this scenario, your lawn signs will need to obviously be stuck into the snowbanks, rather than the lawn itself.


Many contractors use lawn signs effectively, often having clients display these signs on their lawns for a number of days after a project is completed. For example, if you do kitchen renovations, a lawn sign that identifies your work and provides contact information for your business can be effective. Some contractors set up incentive programs with past clients. For example, if you get a new client who references seeing a lawn sign on a certain street, you can give the former client who is displaying your sign a gift card for a local business, restaurant, or online vendor.