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Order A Custom Graduation Sign To Display With Pride On Your Lawn

When your child graduates from high school, there are a number of things that you might wish to do in celebration. It's common to take the child out for a meal, while you might also want to buy him or her a gift. Some people even place congratulatory advertisements in their local newspapers. If you're extremely proud of your graduate and want your neighborhood to know, consider approaching a custom outdoor sign company to get a lawn sign made. Many sign companies have experience making graduation lawn signs and will be able to discuss a perfect design with you. Here's how your graduation sign should look. 

Distinct Shape

Instead of choosing a standard rectangular shape for your graduation lawn sign, come up with an idea that will help to make the sign stand out. One option is to have the sign shaped like a graduation cap. This is a unique and easily recognizable shape and can help to draw peoples' attention as they walk and drive through your neighborhood. Another option might be a star shape if you consider your child to be a star scholar. For a student-athlete, other shapes might be applicable. For example, a football shape can work for a football player.

Custom Wording

Don't just get a sign made with generic wording. Something such as, "Congratulations To Our Graduate" might be celebratory, but it will miss the mark when it comes to specifically honoring your son or daughter. Instead, choose some appropriate wording that relates to your child. For example, the sign could read, "Congratulations, Sarah — We're So Proud Of You." You'll also want to include the name of the school and the year — for example, "Central High School, Class Of 2020." This specific information is a better way to honor your child.

Appropriate Colors

Your custom sign company can make the sign in any color scheme that you want, so give some thought to what will be appropriate. A common choice is to have the sign made in the colors of the student's high school. For example, if the high school's official colors are maroon, gold, and white, the sign company can incorporate these colors — perhaps choosing a maroon background with white wording and a gold frame around the sign. Another option is to choose colors that reflect the colors of the college that your child will be attending in the fall, or a red, white, and blue theme if he or she is going into the military.

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