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Some Of Your Building's Exit Signs Should Have Additional Wording

Employees and visitors to your building alike can benefit from a series of photoluminescent exit signs placed around the building. These signs are a vital tool for keeping people safe by allowing them to exit quickly should there be a need. While standard signs that simply read "Exit" and feature an arrow will be useful, you should also talk to your sign supplier about exit signs that have additional wording. You can then look at different areas around your building to decide which locations could benefit from signs with additional wording. Here are some other types of signs to consider.

Exit Through Lobby

Signs that read "Exit Through Lobby" are common in some buildings. While it might be clear to your employees that they should exit through the entrance in the lobby, this might not always be apparent to visitors to your building. This can especially be true during some form of emergency, which makes this sign valuable. For example, a visitor who has been following a series of exit signs may not be aware that he or she is just steps from the lobby. Seeing a sign that encourages exiting through the lobby will make it perfectly clear to the visitor where he or she needs to go.

Exit for Employees Only

Your building can almost certainly benefit from a few signs that read "Exit for Employees Only," or some other version of this sentiment. Lots of buildings have exits that are designed for only those who work at the building to use. For example, one exit might lead directly to the employee parking lot, while another might open up into an employee smoking area outside of the building. A visitor to the building — perhaps a delivery person — wouldn't want to take one of these exits, as it might put him or her in unfamiliar territory. Proper signage will decrease the risk of this confusion.

Exit Down Stairs

In an emergency situation, someone attempting to get out of the building may be leery about taking a staircase if he or she doesn't know where it will lead. You'll want to have some signs that read "Exit Down Stairs" to help people understand the quickest route to take from where they stand. Such signs make it clear that anyone near the top of the stairs should not continue down the hall, but should rather make a quick turn and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll have another exit sign that will provide additional instructions.