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Design Your Ice Cream Shop Sign In One Of These Ways

If you've run an ice cream shop for a period of time but have decided to rebrand yourself, now is the perfect time to choose a new sign. An eye-catching sign is critical for your type of business. While some of your customers might have plans to go get ice cream, a lot of people do so spontaneously because they see your sign. As such, you want to choose a sign design that is not only clear to see but that also has a fun vibe that will excite people. Give some thought to the type of ice cream shop that you want to have, and then consider the following sign designs.

Traditional Ice Cream Shop

You might be looking to rebrand your business so that it's more in line with a traditional ice cream shop. This means that you might be remodeling your location to have several traditional elements, including 1950s-era furnishings and a black-and-white checkered floor. You might even decide that your staff members will wear vintage-style uniforms. If you take this approach, think about a traditional-looking sign. Your custom sign shop can use vintage colors and fonts to give the sign a traditional feel. You may also want to use wording such as "hand-scooped" to further suggest a traditional approach.

Modern Ice Cream Shop

On the other end of the spectrum is a modern ice cream shop, which you'll likely decorate using sleek and stylish materials such as brushed steel, marble, and more. There are many different directions that you can take with your sign, but it can be fun to include neon. A glowing neon sign is effective because it's easy to spot from a distance. It also stands out more than standard business signs in the area, which can be appealing as a way to attract people to your location.

Child-Focused Ice Cream Shop

Of course, children will make up a considerable percentage of your clientele, regardless of the type of ice cream shop you have. However, it can be a good business decision to choose a design for your location and for your sign that will appeal to children. A sign that has a couple of cartoon children digging into some large ice cream cones will catch the eyes of children as they travel past with their parents, for example. Ideally, they'll bring the signs to their parents' attention, and their parents will hopefully decide to stop and treat the family.

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