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Three Places That Can Benefit From Multiple Wayfinding Signs

If you're responsible for a large-scale business or organization that has several buildings in different locations on its property, you want to make an effort to help people identify where they're going. Wayfinding signs are one of the best ways of doing so. These signs list different buildings or stores and feature directional arrows that people can follow to get where they want to go. The larger that your property is, the more wayfinding signs that you'll need. Many custom sign companies can produce these signs, which will be particularly valuable if you operate one of the following locations.

Office Complex

An office complex can be made up of several companies in multiple buildings, or there may be a single organization that occupies a number of buildings. Whatever the case, wayfinding signs will be valuable for people who are visiting the property. In the former example, the wayfinding signs can list the different companies and direct people toward them. In the latter scenario, wayfinding signs that name different departments of the company will be useful. For example, you might have a sign that directs people to the sales office, the shipping and receiving building, and other such locations.

Outdoor Shopping Mall

Many outdoor shopping malls have digital boards that shoppers can use to locate their favorite stores. However, wayfinding signs are still valuable for those who are navigating the space and perhaps don't want to stop at one of the digital boards because there's a line of people waiting to use it. In this location, you'll want your wayfinding signs to point out your anchor stores. It's also a good idea to direct people toward the food court, information office, and your parking lot or garage. If you have a play structure or other amenities for children, listing them on the wayfinding signs will also be valuable.

College Campus

Another type of property that needs a series of wayfinding signs is a college campus. Large campuses can cover a large surface area, which can often be challenging for first-time visitors. Wayfinding signs close to each of the entrances, as well as at the junctions of major streets, can help people in vehicles and on foot find where they need to go. Your signs should point out the major attractions on campus, such as the different department buildings, the athletic complex, the dormitories, the theater, the parking garage, the library, the bookstore, and the administration building.

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