Give Me A Sign

4 Ways To Use Blank Yard Signs On Your Property Throughout The Year

Blank yard signs can come in pretty handy at home. Here are just a few nifty ways you can use these signs on your property throughout the year:

Warn Passersby 

Blank yard signs can be used to create effective warnings to passersby. Let them know that your home is protected by a security system and that you have installed the latest doorbell camera. If your home is actively protected by a security company, put some of the company's stickers on your signs. Make sure people know exactly where your property line begins by placing your signs along the line. This will help ensure that people don't end up walking their dogs or loitering on your property as time goes on.

Decorate for the Holidays

Blank yard signs are also great holiday decorating tools. You can cut sheets to size and decorate the signs to make them look like ghosts, then stick the ghosts right into the ground around your yard. Place small solar lights under each sign to make your ghosts glow. Paint the signs orange then decorate them to turn them in to pumpkins. Write holiday messages on the signs to display during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays you enjoy celebrating. Your decorating options are limited only to your imagination.

Advertise Your Sales

Whether you are cleaning out your garage and closets or you are trying to raise money for your child's school fundraiser, you can use blank yard signs to advertise those sales on your property. If you're selling cookies or magazines for the school, you can do so on your driveway and advertise with yard signs instead of having your child go door-to-door. If you are selling things at a swap meet during the weekend, you can advertise the sale with signs on your own property for a few days before the weekend approaches.

Celebrate a Special Occasion

Maybe one of your kids is graduating from high school or you are expecting your first grandchild in a few weeks. You might be graduating from grad school yourself. Or maybe you want the world to know that you have just gotten engaged. No matter the special occasion, blank yard signs can help you celebrate. Make your loved one feel special by posting a bunch of birthday signs on the lawn for them to see when they get home from school or work. Announce the arrival of a new pet or welcome family members who are visiting from another state.